Baby Cows Drink Milk

HA! File that under biggest lies I’ve ever told myself. Baby cows drink SOME milk. And eat hay. And steal their mommy’s grain. They’re ravenous. Which explains their explosive growth rate, but I certainly did not account for feeding the little creatures big cow food throughout the winter.

Seen here is our month-ish old calf, Patty Melt, munching on a brand new bale of hay. She hasn’t sorted out how yummy the cow pellets are, but it’s coming.

Fairly every single day at feeding time, Sirloin and I dance around and I try and fend him off from the grain buckets. The cows really need the extra nutrients, and this chunk, well, he’ll be fine.

So if you’re thinking of getting cows, multiply feed bills by three. The mommy’s eat enough for two, and the babies get their own!


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