Farm Traits

When the job description for a farmer comes to mind, you probably start thinking of green tractors, rows and rows of corn and beans, juicy red tomatoes, adorable baby animals, and the like. Depending on the type of farmer, all that is probably a part of their daily life. But let’s be clear here, it is a minuscule part of the day.

I am certain that the main part of farming is somehow left off the career day description: Manure. My life seems to revolve around it.

Chickens, have to clean out the coop. Horses, have to clean the stalls. Cows, have to clean up the barn entrance and around the hay feeder.

All of it goes into various compost piles to sit, get turned over with the tractor, fed more manure, sometimes a sprinkling of lime, sit, get turned again, and eventually break down.

Then the black gold (you were wrong if you thought that was oil, by the way) gets taken to the garden or various planting locations, tilled in, and plants go on top. It was nice knowing you if ants have decided to nest in the compost piles.

Rinse and repeat. Don’t forget to rinse the tractor bucket, manure will destroy metal.

In conclusion: FARM = Fork And Remove Manure.

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