DR Power needs a Doctor

I’m not saying I married my husband because he’s a mechanic, I’m just saying it’s come in handy. A lot. The DR power mower that we bought used many years ago has lived a hard, rough-and-tumble life on the farm. Its not that I break things intentionally, it just happens. Do I remember oil changes? No. But do I always remember to spray the chain with grease? Also no. But the amount of things that simply break… surely can’t be my fault.

When we first came to the farm, we rented a billy goat bush hog from Home Depot, and let’s just say I’m glad we bought the insurance. Something about a stick stuck in the belt system, I’ve blocked out the rest. After renting the machine for a couple of times, it was clear (to me at least) that one needed to live here. Even with a tractor and bush hog, some areas simply need a small, nimble device to weave in and out of trees and grind to a halt against cedar stumps. So the search began.

Craigslist should require an adult to log me in and supervise my transactions. Same for marketplace when I had an account. Otherwise, when I do tell an adult what I have found that we are going to go pick up, my logic may not stand up to intense questioning. That is how we found ourselves traveling a couple hours from the house to view a walk behind bush hog of my very own (I may also under anticipate travel distances). This one was a DR Power model, not a Billy Goat, but the price seemed right and I was desperate to stop paying rental fees.

The seller was a mechanic by training, my husband is a mechanic, they spoke in their own language for a bit that sounded like well oiled gears turning, and soon the monster was on its way home with us. I’ve reclaimed a lot of pasture that was overgrown and then mowed the same land time and again with DR, and it gets easier every time, the trees a bit smaller, the stumps a bit more friable. But, it has come at a dear price that the mower had to pay. Here, I proudly (or not so much) present a photographic journey of just a few of our “events” not to mention all the busted belts, chains, and things I have blocked from memory.

While I cannot in good conscience recommend the DR Power brand, I can say that for me to be able to fix this thing so frequently, they have to be easy to work on. There are detailed schematics for every piece and part, and Jacks Small Engines is a fantastic source for parts. But even for all the hell and back trips we’ve taken together, I wouldn’t give it up. Except, maybe for one with power steering.

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