Please visit our Contact Us page regarding availability of products for pickup. At this time, we do not ship!

Buff Orpingtons

Chicks – Chicks up to two weeks old are available as straight run for $3 each minimum 6.

Hatching Eggs Available for $10/dozen or $1 each

2021 Upcoming Hatch Dates: April 15 and April 22

Contact us for hatch dates.

Pre-Orders welcome and encouraged!

Hatching Eggs are available from our Orpington flock. Eggs are $1 each with a minimum order of 6, or $10/dozen.

Angus Beef

Contact us regarding availability of herd shares on pasture raised Angus beef.


Coming Soon! We have a growing apiary of local bees and honey production will be ramping up in 2021!

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