About Us

The Inmates

My husband and I purchased our land in the summer of 2017 and very quickly became prisoners to an ever more eclectic cast of animals. We work hard so they can have a good life.

I grew up working with animals and have had/wanted a pony since forever. My husband grew up in town, but is a farmer at heart. We moved to the farm for land, since the city is to people-ly. But since coming here, we are forced to admit, that we do in fact have a working farm.

We have NO IDEA what we are doing, but we’re trying really hard and having a good time all the same!

The Guards

Arod and Elmer

Now 16, Arod has been with me the longest and is definitely the boss in the herd. He has taught me more about falling off and (maybe) getting back up again than I ever wanted to know.

Elmer the cat is his sidekick and since the week we brought him to Sourwood Hill, he has styled himself as protector of the herd, with moderate success.

The Moos

We purchased our first cows in the spring of 2019 and have a growing herd of beef brood cows with the dream of having a proper beef cattle operation in a few years.

Bzzz Bzzz

Tell it to the bees they say! I try to only whisper to my bees as anything louder will upset them. The smallest creatures are the hardest to please it would seem, but it sure is a pleasure seeing bees in the yard and knowing they might be your bees!

The Cluckers

No home is complete without chickens, in the city or the country. We are home to a revolving flock of dual purpose birds and are working on building a heritage breed flock that can survive our unpredictable weather patterns.

The Warden


When we moved in 2017, our household consisted of two humans and one dog. This handsome fella is happy so long as he is with his people, whether rain, sleet, snow, or baking sun. Ask anyone that knows us, and they will agree, Toby is the boss!

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