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Down with the Wax Moths

We lost yet another hive last fall. If anyone off keeping count, that’s 3 that have absconded. I promise, animals usually like us!!

This hive fell to a new for us issue, so at least it stays interesting. I bought a complete hive in the spring of 2021 to complement the wild hive we had already. Sorry to say, tame bees just may not be destined to thrive here. Late summer, there started being fewer and fewer bees at the entrance, and when I took the lid off, it was all over with.

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Go home Izzy, you’re drunk.

A winter wonder land of snow is all well and good for some, but I don’t think farmers make the list! Thank God for modern technology, we were able to have plenty of advance warning to batten down the hatches. I’m not so sure the animals read the weather report though, they still seemed taken aback by this sudden precipitation!

Oh haiii!
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This past summer, Cochise had to go to a new home. Having a brand new baby, I knew he was going to be well past breaking age by the time I could get to him. I get updates on “Comanche” now and he is doing fantastic. His new owner reports he is going on trail rides and loving life. Rumor has it he may have a palomino girlfriend too.

Initially, I was worried how Arod would cope being an only horse again. However, the kitty has been a great companion, and I’ve noticed he is closer to the cows than before.

But I think maybe they are taking this mingling thing to a strange new level…

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DR Power needs a Doctor

I’m not saying I married my husband because he’s a mechanic, I’m just saying it’s come in handy. A lot. The DR power mower that we bought used many years ago has lived a hard, rough-and-tumble life on the farm. Oil changes, sometimes, chain lubes, I’m better with. But the amount of things that simply break… surely can’t be my fault.

When we first moved in, we rented a billy goat bush hog from Home Depot, and let’s just say I’m glad we bought the insurance. something about a stick stuck in the belt system, I’ve blocked out the rest. After renting the machine for a couple of times, it was clear one needed to live here.

Craigslist should require an adult to log me in and supervise my transactions. Same for marketplace. That is how we found ourselves traveling a couple hours from the house to view a walk behind bushhog of my very own.

The seller was a mechanic by training, my husband is a mechanic, they spoke in their own language for a bit that sounded like well oiled gears turning, and soon the monster was on its way home with us. I’ve cleared a lot of the same land time and again with DR, and it gets easier every time, the trees a bit smaller, the stumps a bit more friable. But, it has come at a dear price that the mower had to pay. Here, I proudly (or not so much) present a photographic journey of just a few of our “events.”

I cannot in good conscience recommend the DR Power brand, but I can say, they are easy to work on. But even for all the hell and back trips we’ve taken together, I wouldn’t give it up. Except, maybe for one with power steering.

And this gem, I will 100% take credit as my fault.