All the Berries!

When you live in rural any-where, there are not just four seasons to the year. In addition to the Big Four, there is also rain season, calving season, chick season (dates set by the local Tractor Supply store and when they have peeps in stock), and so forth. One of my favorites is berry season! Not only is it a great excuse to avoid more physically demanding tasks, but it also means that canning and wine-making season is also just around the corner!

There are not many foods that Toby doesn’t like, and blackberries are no exception. The blackberries we have are wild and it is a process to get enough to fill a bucket up. Not to mention that right now they are just starting to turn and every other day we are gathering maybe a quart or two of fruit. So when this adorable little monster insists that he share in the loot, it can really cut down on berries available for preservation.

Earlier this week, I decided to teach him how to pick his own. I have created a monster. Not only does he “help” when we are picking; but also tries to wander off on walks to the nearest blackberry patch. Good thing they are healthy!


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