Pre-Order Lavender Now! is taking Pre-Orders for USDA Certified Organic English Lavender plugs! This lavender is from a North Carolina wholesale outfit! Lavender is not only ornamental, fragrant, and edible, but most importantly helps keep deer out of the garden!  We are taking pre-orders NOW through March 31 with pickup in Mid-April. 

Down with the Wax Moths

We lost yet another hive last fall. If anyone off keeping count, that’s 3 that have absconded. I promise, animals usually like us!! This hive fell to a new for us issue, so at least it stays interesting. I bought a complete hive in the spring of 2021 to complement the wild hive we hadContinue reading “Down with the Wax Moths”

Go home Izzy, you’re drunk.

A winter wonder land of snow is all well and good for some, but I don’t think farmers make the list! Thank God for modern technology, we were able to have plenty of advance warning to batten down the hatches. I’m not so sure the animals read the weather report though, they still seemed takenContinue reading “Go home Izzy, you’re drunk.”

DR Power needs a Doctor

I’m not saying I married my husband because he’s a mechanic, I’m just saying it’s come in handy. A lot. The DR power mower that we bought used many years ago has lived a hard, rough-and-tumble life on the farm. Oil changes, sometimes, chain lubes, I’m better with. But the amount of things that simplyContinue reading “DR Power needs a Doctor”