DR Power needs a Doctor

I’m not saying I married my husband because he’s a mechanic, I’m just saying it’s come in handy. A lot. The DR power mower that we bought used many years ago has lived a hard, rough-and-tumble life on the farm. Its not that I break things intentionally, it just happens. Do I remember oil changes?Continue reading “DR Power needs a Doctor”

Let’s take the pigs to market!

(or is that kids?) one of them you’re supposed to take home from market, I’m sure of it… But I digress. First and foremost, happy spring! This is the time of year of fluffy chicks, baby bunnies, fresh growth, and the start of Farmer’s Market season! While we have hatched out a few batches ofContinue reading “Let’s take the pigs to market!”

Barn First Aid Kit – Top 25 Items

What is a farm without animals? Its not. And don’t speak to anyone that says otherwise, you don’t need that negativity in your life. What you do need is horses, cows, chickens, goats, at least one barn cat, and a clever dog. I’m slowly working my husband up to this mentality, he’s conceded to anContinue reading “Barn First Aid Kit – Top 25 Items”