Enjoy the little things

Yes it’s from a movie, and one that isn’t in line with the rest of this post. But it’s an apt quote nonetheless.

Sunday last, we went to the visitation services for my cousin, Joe, who died in a motorcycle wreck just four days before. Monday, the family laid him to rest. My great Aunt has always been a pillar of faith to me and I dare say to much of my family. She said she wanted us all to pray for the driver of the car who was at fault, and I know she is doing the same.

Later in the week, I became pretty ill and later found a tick attached to me. While the tests came back negative for Lymes and equivocal for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, the antibiotics are doing wonders. I was a nervous wreck for a day or two as tick fever is nothing to joke about.

I was speaking with my Granny yesterday, checking in on the family and I told her, I think we all feel a little more mortal right now. You try not to take life for granted, but it’s in human nature. Until suddenly, God reminds us that there is an end here on earth for us all at some point.

So here’s to all the little things that God gives to make life here on earth sweet while it lasts.


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