Summer must be winding down

Summer used to be my favorite season. Long days, swimming, vacations, swimming, no school, swimming. You get the idea. After adulthood came along and I had work year round (the unfairness of it all!) with no swimming breaks, summer lost some of its appeal but was still my favorite.

Anymore though, I think I am becoming a fall person. The summer vegetable garden was green as could be (thanks to the garden hose) but simply did not produce. Even our peppers, which are supposed to love the heat, have been dismal. We’ve received just enough rain so the grass didn’t die, but the pastures are pitiful.

The last few weeks, the humidity feels like it has dropped a smidgen and the temperatures are maybe 5 degrees less than before. Well, it appears to be just enough to make the plants happy.

Green beans since they were put in the ground in May or June have yielded less than a quart total, and just today I picked as many as we’ve collected all summer. Not to mention all the other lovely vegetables.

I think I could get on board with this fall thing. Especially if it brings some rain. Stay tuned for canning adventures!


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