Calf Fencing – Round 2

Saturday was chicken processing day. It’s been on the calendar for months. And a more perfect day we could not have asked for. Cool, overcast, and slightly misty. We ended up processing 12 birds, and along about numbers 7 or 8, my neighbors called to say that SirLoin had escaped. Again.

This was how I intended to spend my Saturday, followed by a siesta.

Lets take a moment to say that, whoever read him my last blog post (Fabulous Fencing Tips) as a bedtime story, he took the challenge seriously and I dislike you. The little darling climbed through the one small section of three strands that was left at the WAY back of the pasture and gallivanted through apx. 150 yards of thick underbrush to get to the road. I know that’s how he did it because I saw his little hoof prints over there. There was barely enough room for a person to walk on that side of the fence, and you would have paid dearly through some brier thickets. But he gets props for determination.

Once he was found out, my neighbor said he tried but couldn’t find a way back through the fence. So I had to open the gate and usher him back in. So, after we finished processing birds, we took the advice of a long time cow farmer and set up two strands of electric about 2 feet off the ground. Unfortunately, solar powered fence chargers needs about three days of sunlight before they will work properly. So, all prayers gladly accepted over the next (now) 48 hours. If electric doesn’t keep him in, does anyone have any suggestions?

Take that, monster.

After our second trip to Tractor Supply for, well, supplies, we were wrapping up fencing and he was once again in the horse pasture through a small opening that he is now having to squeeze his chubby self through.

Not where he belongs.

So we had to block that off with a water trough as well. This morning, I caught him by the barn contemplating his newly blocked path to freedom and plotting his next attack.

He has discovered sweet feed, so that should make him easier to catch. Here, you see him licking the grain pail in the most lazy way possible. Precious.

Who’s brilliant idea was it to get cows?


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