Fall Gardening

This is my first year ever putting in a fall garden. Though, when it is still over 90 some days, can we really call it fall?

Aside from the traditional greens, carrots, peas, and broccoli; my father-in-law recommended we put in green beans and purple hulls as well. I was not convinced at first, as I was certain they wouldn’t thrive in the cooler weather.

I am so happy to report how wrong I was! While the purple hulls are still under attack from black ants, they do look better than the spring crop.

Purple hulls seen on the right compared to the summer purple hulls on the left that need to be mowed.

My Roma II green beans, however, are looking fantastic and producing like crazy!

However, I’ve yet to see evidence of these plants being “bush” beans. They want to be, but they can’t help running just a bit.

No June bugs to attack the plants and eat the blooms, and for a wonder, there doesn’t even seem to be much damage from the bunny population. From here on, I am not certain if I will ever plant summer beans again!

Not only are the plants heavily producing, but the beans are SO tender. Two gallons in the freezer, quite a few for suppers, and we’re only in week two or three of production! Bring on the fall.


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