A Pail of Peppers

Well, okay, more like a bag. But I was still excited when a coworker brought me a paper bag full of hot peppers last week. And when I say hot, I mean my nose was singed just having them on my desk! She said that a local place had sent out a call for free peppers that were going to get frostbit and her family went and gathered and had plenty to share.

So, what to do with a bunch of tasty HOT peppers in November? There were a few poblanos in the mix, which went into fajitas, but I had quite a few habaneros as well as many hot peppers we couldn’t even name.

So, we went to google for advice. First up, was Giardiniera. Which required a few other veggies as well, including carrots, mild peppers, cauliflower, and of course cloves of garlic. I LOVE garlic and any excuse to use way too much of it is fine by me.

https://www.daringgourmet.com/homemade-giardiniera/ Is the recipe my dad recommended. But he omits celery (and in addition, I omitted olives), so it’s a very fluid recipe. He does not recommend broccoli, though.

Even though the brine process for the Giardiniera was started first, they actually finished last due to the long soaking process.

Next up, came the bulk use of the hot peppers. At first, my mind was set on pepper jelly, but after some thinking and perusing, settled on pineapple habanero jam. Let me just say, it is beautiful! But also didn’t gel, so don’t take any cooking recipes from me.

As this is more on the thin side, it will likely become a stir fry sauce or chicken wing glaze. Remember your boiling times and sure jel people!

Happy Cooking!


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