30 Days In

We are around the 30 day mark on weaning our first calf, and yesterday, we had to round up everyone else for pregnancy checks (more on that later). Since we only have one holding pen, everyone was reunited in the same space for a while.

We have to stand guard when they are in the ring, because 2718, pictured here, has in the past picked up enough panels of the ring to walk out from underneath.

Once things calmed down and we were waiting on the vet, SirLoin started trying to nurse again! Not overly shocking of itself, but the scary part is, he clearly had milk around his mouth. His momma was having none of his nonsense, but in case you were wondering, 30 days is perhaps not enough for a cow to be completely dried up.

Ok, now on to more exciting news. Babies. We were halfway successful. 2718 is now confirmed bred. Unfortunately, 2471, by far the cow we like better, is not. And boy did she NOT want to go into the chute to get checked yesterday! I still maintain that AI is WAY cheaper than having a bull around, but there are setbacks like this that are unfortunate.

I am not sure exactly how much more cow handling we have an appetite for right now, but I do think, once it is spring, the fence is reset into the big pasture and expanded, the shed at the house is finished painting, the garden is in, and about a hundred other things are done, we will be building a proper cattle holding pen. Stay tuned!

That little red circle is more or less our aim point for clearing a new fence line. I think. Maybe. Do you know how easy it is to get lost when clearing brush?

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