One of these things…

Is not like the other.

Summer harvest is of course getting into full swing, and we’re just days away from the paste tomato apocalypse. We use Roma and San Marzano tomatoes, which are determinates and will ripen in a short period of time. Exactly what you want for canning things.

Paste tomatoes are almost ready!

We have squash and zucchini coming in aplenty with winter squash set to take over the yard in fruit and vines, the last of the garlic has been dug, beans to pick every day, and I got to eat my first cucumber yesterday!

But back to these things. We’ve got plants abounding and animals galore, but something new has appeared that requires watering, feeding, stabling, and probably some other items I’m not aware of right now…

Beautiful acorn squash putting on fruit for the fall.
Honey bees, hard at work.
Three types of garlic planted last October and ready for this years canning season.
And a new farm helper! She made her first trip to the garden yesterday, but seemed content to supervise for a moment.

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