Down with the Wax Moths

We lost yet another hive last fall. If anyone off keeping count, that’s 3 that have absconded. I promise, animals usually like us!!

This hive fell to a new for us issue, so at least it stays interesting. I bought a complete hive in the spring of 2021 to complement the wild hive we had already. Sorry to say, tame bees just may not be destined to thrive here. Late summer, there started being fewer and fewer bees at the entrance, and when I took the lid off, it was all over with.

My bees were gone, the moths had made webs everywhere, and the larvae were demolishing my frames. The only up side was the hive next door pilfered whatever honey was left and got a boost right before winter. They’re mean as can be, but those wild bees are hardy!

I tried letting the chickens clean up the frames and eat the larvae, but they made an absolute mess of things. That’s chickens for you. So finally we got down to cleaning yesterday.

The best method I’ve found is dipping the frames in hot water. But quickly or the plastic foundation will warp.
If you see these fellas around, they are not welcome!

I deeply regret every moth I’ve ever let out of the house now. On to clarifying the salvaged wax!


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