Twist ‘N Shout

Fence mending, compared to fence building, is a piece of cake. Week old stale birthday cake, but cake nonetheless.

Its time for summer storms to start up in earnest in our part of the world, and a week ago from yesterday did not disappoint. The National Weather Service may be in denial, but we are convinced we had a tornado roll through town.

So thankful no animals were harmed in the making of this disaster. Two downed fences were somewhere on the mile long list of repair projects and got way bumped up.

Then, there was the shiny new fence around the new pasture (cue the tears). So no significant damage was done, but when fencing has been strung so tight it can double as an instrument, any loose wires are cause for tears. Priority one was fixing pasture with animals of course.

We already had these locknlube fence stretchers on order, which was a HUGE time saver! These little gizmos stretched the fence in no time and the locks are STURDY. The price is pretty hefty at over $1 each, but so so worth no having to pull wire from wooden posts both directions. I’m in love!!

Stay tuned for news on upgrades to the holding areas fence from wire to board to match the square-ish round pen!


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