A Good Horse

My old man never gets much attention any more. Either I’m working with the colt, cows, or we’re doing chores. He doesn’t seem to mind. Truth be told, he’s an antisocial creature.

But when I need him, he usually pulls through. We rounded up cows last night for annual shots, and since it was our first time with this set up, of course things went horribly awry.

After we had successfully caught one of four of the beasts, the colt broke ranks and decided it would be SO much fun to chase the cows away from the holding pen and into the woods. (He’s for sale, by the way, by my husband).

So I rounded up my horse and off we went. I’ve rode less than half a dozen times in as many months, and we are way out of shape, unless you count round. But he held up like a champ and eventually we got the second momma cow into the correct fence and headed toward the gate. What happened next was not my horses fault so we won’t talk about it.

Ended up, the cows were corralled on foot, but I maintain that the old boy was a champ and clearly deserved his peppermints and grain this morning outside of normal feeding times. Turns out, you really need one cow per person to make the operation smooth. And we only had 3 people. But SO thankful my daddy was here or we’d still be chasing them!

The vet’s comment of “Can’t you get him to eat any more either” was surely in jest right? Just look at him, skin and bones!

In addition to vaccinations, Patty Melt got a new ear tag, and we had to rewrite on Sirloins. Advice of the day, buy the $7 ink marker at the farm store, sharpies do not hold up!

Milk Face!


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