New Baby Moo!

We have been eagerly waiting for our next calf for a week or so, ever since she turned and dropped off her momma’s hips. So very pleased to announce that we are four for four now of having calves due and they show up with no assistance from us!

But the next cow to be due is probably our heifer (ALL the fingers and toes crossed that she is bred!), so I am probably going to have to change that winning streak this fall…

In any event, back to 005, our newest baby! She was born on February 4th, and is from Hickok 29AN1965 (the cool thing about AI is you get to toss out such fancy names) and one of our cows. Official confirmation today that she is a heifer, which is very exciting, as we can expand our breeding stock with cows we have been around since birth. Which in theory makes then easier to work with (or at least we know their tricks when handling).

We are happily taking suggestions for names (in addition to those posted on a previous post regarding previous calf escape attempts.


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