Let’s take the pigs to market!

(or is that kids?) one of them you’re supposed to take home from market, I’m sure of it… But I digress. First and foremost, happy spring! This is the time of year of fluffy chicks, baby bunnies, fresh growth, and the start of Farmer’s Market season!

While we have hatched out a few batches of chicks, and have more in the incubator, our plants are still in triage and wont be ready for the garden for some time yet. However, there are those industrious hard working folks who have had their seeds in the ground for months and are preparing to sell them to you and me at farmer’s markets near us soon! Along with homemade baked goods, fresh spun yarn, honey, etc.

For those of you located near the Mooresville, North Carolina area, I am excited to tell you they have a new Farmer’s Market opening this spring!

Merino Mill Market will be opening this month in the Main Street Antique Mall located at 500 S Main Street in Mooresville. Unfortunately, I have nothing marketable to take (though if you want to buy some chicks, see my Products page), but I am super excited for the market opening as one of my good friends is organizing the event and I am sure it will be fantastic! While you are there, make sure to stop in at Barcelona for lunch and some of the best burgers you will ever have! The Andalucia is my personal favorite.

Happy Marketing!


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