Garden Boots and Buckets

A good sign of summer at our house is having white buckets strewn about the kitchen. These 2 gallon food grade containers hold summer’s bounty until we can chop, freeze, can, and otherwise nom on our garden harvest.

Today marks the start of the bucket brigade that will run on for quite a few months. Two lovely cucumbers destined for taziki yumminess.

These little fellas are just about ready as well for a stir fry, marinade, or stuffing.

Another point in favor of buckets, they fit in the fridge well when you are working on your procrastination technique.

So, we have a garden, and we have a little rain. A pair of waterproof boots would be really nice about now!! I started out with neoprene boots. La Crosse, Muck, Nobel, Bass Pro, none of their boots so far have lasted more than maybe a year of my abuse, with the La Crosse by and far being the best. All of they either cracked or leaked in the end.

Oook, so let’s switch to leather.

Ariat is hands down cooler and more comfortable than the neoprene, but as I was hiking in the rain looking for a sick calf, thinking how awesome the boots were and I should really tell more people about them, the floodgates opened and they sprung a leak. I would show you, but they are at the dealer for warranty evaluation. They were bought in August, ugh.

So, let’s give Twisted X a try. I’ve had their riding boots for years with no complaints. Let’s see if they have the silicone thing figured out.

Happy harvest! Stay tuned on the garden bounty and whether my feet rot off this summer.


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