Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

My husband tells me I cannot go around catching bees one by one and putting them in my hives until I have enough. He sounds wrong, but I guess I’ll believe him.

But they are right there on my bolted broccoli plants for the taking!
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Fighting the Winter Doldrums

The first part of the year always seems to drag on and on. Perhaps it is all of the bouts of false springs, or the lack of significant holiday celebration between New Years and Easter. Either way, I always find it hard to get through January until garden season. I know better than to buy flowers too early at the garden store, but I need them!

This year, I have discovered a few tasks and new hobbies that are intended to be completed in late winter that have helped ease the winter blues!

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A Pail of Peppers

Well, okay, more like a bag. But I was still excited when a coworker brought me a paper bag full of hot peppers last week. And when I say hot, I mean my nose was singed just having them on my desk! She said that a local place had sent out a call for free peppers that were going to get frostbit and her family went and gathered and had plenty to share.

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