Swarms on High

I have found an alternative use for deer stands in the summer season. You’re welcome hunters.

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Swimming in Butter

-ery yellow chicks. We hatched out chicks all summer of 2020, and have been thrilled with our hatch rates! The last hatch of 2020 consisted of 22 eggs, of which 20 hatched! I sell quite a few hatching eggs as well, and have received positive feedback on hatching rates from buyers.

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Who Needs Google Earth (Definitely Me)

I can only equate google earth aerials updating to waiting for a holiday as a kid. Except, you knew when the holiday would come (except Memorial and Labor Days, those are always surprises). I have watched the aerial views pretty close since we started major renovation projects, just waiting for new updates so I can have a birds eye view of all the progress we have made. Except, Google Earth hasn’t updated since 2018, and there has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears poured out on this land since then.

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Buff Orpington Hatch

This will be a short post. I’m tired and it’s been a long weekend. But, they are hatching! We have a flock of Buff Orpington chickens, and I specifically picked orpingtons because they are supposed to be quite broody in nature and friendly. Yet, at a year old, I have had exactly one hen go broody and it was in the fall so we shook her out of it.

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Measuring progress in fence posts.

Spring may be my favorite time of year. Blooms, sprouts, and longer days! We are wrapping up a project that has been on the to do list pretty much since we moved in: redoing the fence along one of the roadsides that adjoins the main pasture.

On the bright side, google told us this stretch was 900+ feet, when in reality it is only 870 or so. When you’re setting fence posts every 10 ft, every little bit counts.

So, exactly what is included in redoing a fence line? Buckle up, it’s a long ride.

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Fighting the Winter Doldrums

The first part of the year always seems to drag on and on. Perhaps it is all of the bouts of false springs, or the lack of significant holiday celebration between New Years and Easter. Either way, I always find it hard to get through January until garden season. I know better than to buy flowers too early at the garden store, but I need them!

This year, I have discovered a few tasks and new hobbies that are intended to be completed in late winter that have helped ease the winter blues!

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